JeetWin Affiliate Program in Pakistan

Through our affiliate program, people have a fantastic chance to promote our platform and earn money. Sign up for our affiliate program to be paid right now. To find out more about the JeetWin Affiliate Program, continue reading.

You can have an additional source of income through an affiliate program.

What is the JeetWin Affiliate Program?

By referring new users to our JeetWin site or app, affiliates can earn commissions through the affiliate program. You will be paid as an affiliate a commission that is determined by the net revenue that the players you recommend make. The salient features of our affiliate program are as follows:

Minimum Payout7000
Platform Fee18%

Benefits of Joining the Affiliate Program

There are many advantages to being a JeetWin affiliate. Competitive commission rates are available, with a 50% commission from the people you refer. Affiliates may also get in touch with a professional account manager who offers advice and assistance specifically tailored to their needs. JeetWin offers a range of marketing resources, including email templates, landing sites, and banners, to assist affiliates in successfully promoting the brand.

Check out the benefits of joining the JeetWin affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Levels

Several tiers of our affiliate program are available depending on member count and net revenue produced. Your commission percentage will increase in proportion to the number of players you recommend and the net income. The tiers of the affiliate program are summarized as follows:

Number of ParticipantsNet IncomeNet Revenue Sharing
5+50,000 PKR10%
10+100,000 PKR20%
20+200,000 PKR30%
30+300,000 PKR35%

Registration in JeetWin Affiliate Program

To join the JeetWin Affiliate Program, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit. Proceed to the JeetWin Affiliate Program sign-up page.
  2. Complete the information. Provide the relevant information, such as your name, phone number, and preferred method of payment.
  3. Accept the terms. Read and accept the affiliate program’s terms and conditions.
  4. Send it in. To complete the registration process, use the submit button.

To sign up for the JeetWin affiliate program, submit an application on the website.

Terms and Conditions of the JeetWin Affiliate Program

A fair and transparent affiliate program is ensured by adhering to specified terms and conditions. The following are some salient points:

  • The net income made by the participants you recommend determines your commission;
  • There is a 7,000 PKR minimum payment criterion;
  • Payment for commissions is made each month;
  • The net revenue is subtracted from the commission before an 18% platform charge is computed;
  • JeetWin maintains the right to alter or end the affiliate program whenever it sees fit.

Read the terms and conditions of the JeetWin affiliate program.


Joining an Affiliate Program

Is there a fee to join the JeetWin Affiliate Program?

No, there’s no cost to sign up for the JeetWin affiliate program. Joining it and receiving commissions is free.

What are the conditions for registering as a partner?

You need to enter valid info during registration, accept the terms of the program, and send in your affiliate request. You will be notified if you are picked for it.


How is profit in the affiliate program calculated?

Your commission is based on the net income of the suggested participants, with a minimum payment of 7,000 PKR, paid each month after deducting the net revenue and an 18% platform charge.

What percentage of income does an affiliate receive?

Jeetwin affiliates get a 50% commission amount for referring friends and new users to the platform, from the amount that the ones you recommend make.

How can I track my income?

You can follow player activity, measure revenues, and assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by logging into a dedicated affiliate dashboard that you will receive as soon as you join up for the JeetWin affiliate program, and this dashboard overall offers extensive reporting and analytics.

Affiliate Program Payment

What is the minimum income for withdrawal of funds?

The minimum income needs to be 7,000 PKR in order to withdraw the funds, after which you can use whatever preferred withdrawal method you want for this.

What withdrawal methods are available in the affiliate program?

You can use a variety of withdrawal methods for getting your payouts, using methods like Fast Banking, cryptocurrency, and EasyPaisa.

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