JeetWin Crazy Time Live Game

Our live casino game Crazy Time offers lots of opportunities to win big. Crazy Time is one of the most popular games at our platform among Pakistani bettors, and as a live casino game it is a pretty unique one involving wheel spinning. Join Jeetwin today to play our vast selection of live casino games!

Play Crazy Time at JeetWin to experience the atmosphere of a live casino.

About the Crazy Time Live Game

Crazy Time Live is a pretty unique casino game, and as a live dealer game it has aspects of vintage TV game shows, wheel-of-fortune games, and online slots all combined in a game show with a casino hybrid. There’s potential for big rewards with tons of fun things about this game in particular.

What is the main point of playing Crazy Time at JeetWin online casino.

How to Start Playing Crazy Time?

Are you prepared to play the wildest game ever found? To help you get going, consider these few pointers:

  1. Sign up. Create an account by registering or logging into an already-existing JeetWin account.
  2. Deposit money. Use one of our safe payment options to add funds to your account.
  3. Find Crazy Time. To locate Crazy Time, use our Live Casino section’s navigation to find the Crazy Time game tile.
  4. Place your bet. Select the number or bonus round you believe the wheel will stop at, then wager the amount of your choice.
  5. Play the game. Watch the presenter spin the wheel to see the exciting result, and have fun with the game.

Join JeetWin, find Crazy Time and have fun.

Rounds of Crazy Time

There are four primary stages to each round of Crazy Time:

  1. Placing bets. This is when participants make bets on bonus rounds or numbers.
  2. Wheel spinning. The emcee spins the enormous, exuberant wheel once all bets have been put.
  3. Finding the winner. The winning section is shown when the wheel stops.
  4. Payout. Get rewards and events if your wager coincides with the winning section.

Feel the excitement of big wins with Crazy Time at JeetWin.

Crazy Time Bonus Games

Four bonus games are available in Crazy Time Live, and they all provide amazing multipliers and prizes:

Bonus NameDescription
Coin FlipFlip a red or blue coin to win a double or nothing wager
Cash HuntTake out random multiplier values that are concealed by symbols
PachinkoDrop pucks into a peg wall to reveal a variety of rewards
Crazy TimeStep into the enormous virtual money wheel

Take part in the Crazy Time bonus games at JeetWin.

Coin Flip

Predict whether the coin falls heads or tails to earn up to 30 times your original wager in Coin Flip, the easiest but most suspenseful bonus game.

Cash Hunt

You enter a virtual area in Cash Hunt where flying banknotes with random multipliers ranging from 2x to 25x are present, and as you grab notes you can in the allotted time you’ll increase wins!


The pinball like balls bounce off obstacles and fall in multiplier-filled pockets that may be worth up to 11,000 times your bet, it’s kind of like Plinko.

Crazy Time

A massive wheel spinning with nine sectors, each containing a secret reward, is the centerpiece of this bonus round, where you can get thousands as multipliers.

Crazy Time in the Mobile App

Get the JeetWin app on your phone to carry the chaos with you wherever you go! With our app, which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, you may enjoy endless entertainment at your fingertips. Among the advantages are instant access to hundreds of additional well-known games, like Crazy Time, an easily navigable interface. safe withdrawals and deposits, and improved performance and visuals for fluid game play.

Play Crazy Time on your smartphone with the JeetWin mobile app.

Take Advantage of the Bonus for Crazy Time

You can get some cashback up to 5% in rewards for live casino and table games. Seize this exciting opportunity to get money on a percentage of your losses. The details of the payback are as follows: The maximum payback payment you will receive is 2% for losses under 500,001; 3% for losses between 100,001 and 500,000; 4% for losses between 500,001 and 1,000,000; and 5% for losses exceeding 1,000,000.

Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of the bonus on Crazy Time at JeetWin.


Is it possible to play Crazy Time for free?

Regretfully, Crazy Time cannot be played for free because of the nature of live dealer games. Before you wager real money, however, you may watch others play and get familiar with the guidelines.

Is it safe to play Crazy Time at JeetWin?

Yes, it perfectly is. At JeetWin, you can play safely knowing that it is licensed and regulated, and all of the games are made with RNG technology for fairness.

How old can I play Crazy Time at JeetWin?

To use the online casino platform of Jeetwin, you need to be 18 years old or older, which also applies to online gambling with games such as Crazy time.

Can I play Crazy Time without registration?

No, you cannot. Crazy time is a live casino game, so you inherently can’t play it in a demo mode because you would need to play it in real time with other players and a dealer, without any virtual money involved.

What should I do if the mini-game has started and I bet on a different sector?

If you wager on a different area and the mini-game begins before you can cancel, you may try again in the next round, and your initial investment will be fully repaid.

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