JeetWin Cookies Policy

Our policy for cookies explains how we use cookies to enhance your surfing experience on our JeetWin official website. By using our website, you consent to the use of cookies as defined in this policy.

Cookies allow to improve your experience on the site.

About Cookies

When you visit a website or application, small text files known as cookies are transferred to your device. They help us remember your preferences, allowing for more efficient surfing. Session cookies are temporary files that are deleted when your browser is closed, but persistent cookies remain on your device until they expire or are explicitly removed.

Types of Cookies Used on the JeetWin Website

We use the following kinds of cookies at JeetWin:

  • Essential cookies. You cannot deactivate certain cookies since they are required for the website to operate correctly. They make it possible for users to access protected sections of the website and navigate pages easily;
  • Cookies for analysis. By gathering anonymous data, these cookies assist us in understanding how users interact with our website. We examine patterns, make improvements to our website, and improve your experience as a user thanks to this data;
  • Cookies for advertising. These cookies are used to show you relevant adverts based on your browsing history. They also assist us in gauging the success of our marketing initiatives;
  • Cookies for social media. These cookies let you share website content on social media. In order to tailor your experience, they could also monitor your social media activities.

Cookies Management

On our website, you can control or turn off cookies. The majority of online browsers provide options that let you manage cookies. Please be aware, however, that blocking certain cookies may affect how you use our website in other ways, such as limiting access to particular services or customized information.

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